My Work With Gett

Design for Marketing

Gett, previously known as GetTaxi, which is a global on-demand mobility company that connects customers with transportation, goods and services. Gett is my primary customer for more than a year now. My work with them gave me opportunity to touch a wide range of design aspects: presentations, motion graphics, print products, brand identity, user interfaces and social media. Down below you could see some selected projects I worked on.

Small email animations for Gett's employees

Gett Delivery - UK

Due to the COVID-19 Crisis Gett launched their delivery service in the UK. This video was created to notify customers about this new service ant how to use it.

Print products, new design

Landing pages, new design

Animations, new design

Illusrations - Julia Smelansky, Animation - me

Gett HR, Poster designs

Print products, old design

Ground Marketing, old design

Animations, old design

Google Slides presentations, old design

Social media, old and new design