Gilad Sotil


My Work With Gett

Design for Marketing

Gett, previously known as GetTaxi, which is a global on-demand mobility company that connects customers with transportation, goods and services. Below you can find a collection from my work with them. Gett is my primary customer for more than a year now. My work with them gave me opportunity to touch a wide range of design aspects: presentations, motion graphics, print products, brand identity, user interfaces and social media. Down below you could see some selected projects I worked on.

gif animation:

Illusration - Julia Smelansky, Animation - me. This illustration style is part of the new design approach (August 2019).

Gett Delivery - UK

Due to the COVID-19 Crisis Gett launched their delivery service in the UK. This video was created to notify customers about this new service ant how to use it.
Illusrations - Julia Smelansky, Animation - me

An illustration created based on the Gett's new language

Print products, new design

Landing pages, new design

Animations, new design

Illusrations - Julia Smelansky, Animation - me

Gett HR, Poster designs

Print products, old design

Ground Marketing, old design

Animations, old design

Google Slides presentations, old design

Social media, old and new design