Scala School
Branding from scratch for an education center in Israel. Scala is an after hours facility teaching in small groups mainly mathematics and physics, while giving kids the tools to cope with everyday life challenges. Due to the school's study focus - Math and Physics, I created the brand based on geometric shapes giving some sort of scientific feeling. > view web page

Font: Almoni DL AAA


R=243 G=143 B=177
C=0 M=55 Y=6 K=0

R=225 G=44 B=58
C=69 M=44 Y=27 K=3

R=106 G=85 B=127
C=65 M=73 Y=27 K=8

R=15 G=14 B=15
C=74 M=68 Y=66 K=84

R=51 G=53 B=54
C=71 M=63 Y=61 K=56

R=103 G=105 B=107
C=60 M=50% Y=48 K=18

R=154 G=156 B=159
C=42 M=33 Y=32 K=1

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