Gilad Sotil



Personalizing the brand and creating your own language is an important step. You want to look fresh and trendy from one hand to tell potential clients that you know your business. From the other hand, you want to be special - so people will notice the difference you offer from your competition.

User Interface

McDonalds delivery website mockup

Design for websites, wireframes, landing Pages, emails, phone apps, pop-ups, social media appearance, you name it. I can help you put your brand out there for the world to see.

Motion Graphics

Animation is a great way to explain an idea and keep the audience intrigued. Using it wisely can elevate the design and create fun experience for your viewers.

My Work With Gett

My main client these days: Gett, previously known as GetTaxi, which is a global on-demand mobility company that connects customers with transportation, goods and services. For over a year I've been designing closely with their design and marketing team on variety of projects: Print products, Social media items, motion graphics, websites, brandings, presentations and more.

One Transport - Powered by Gett

One Transport's Re-branding was requested due to Gett's acquire during 2017. The Company provides consolidated ground transport management throughout the UK and worldwide. The re-branding was created in collaboration with the Gett design and marketing team.